Pantechnicon GS3 Drain Tray Kit for Acaia Lunar Scale

Pantechnicon GS3 Drain Tray Kit for Acaia Lunar Scale

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Install a Acaia Lunar Scale in your La Marzocco GS3 drain tray!  This kit mounts the Acaia Lunar scale nearly flush with to allow for more cup clearance between the tray and portafilter spouts.

-We positioned the top face of the scale slightly above the face of the tray to allow use of the Acaia portafilter weighing platform.

-The insert is made from FDA approved plastic which is dishwasher safe.

-We provide a rubber micro USB stopper to keep the coffee gunk out of your charging port.

-This kit includes the factory La Marzocco drain tray.  During the development of the GS3 we tested a number of tray perforation patterns, including some with closely packed round holes.  We learned a lot about how the water splashes under different conditions, especially out of the hot water spout, and the factory developed the pattern currently in use in order minimize water splashing beyond the tray as well as water remaining on the surface of the tray.  The perforation that is used on the La Marzocco tray isn't arbitrary, which is one of the reasons that I use it.

Complete Kit includes everything ready to go: Scale insert in black, Modified La Marzocco drain tray, rubber micro-USB plug

Insert Only requires cutting an opening in your drain tray! Yay sparks!  (If your SO says you smell like burning metal on the regular, this is for you)  This scale insert has been designed for the Linea Mini and GS3.  If you want to try to install it in other models, you will need to verify that there is enough space in your installation.  Insert Dims: 5.5" wide x 5" front to back x .7" Installation Instructions

Questions: drop us a line and we'll get you sorted. jacob(at)


Note: The Acaia Lunar scale is an amazingly precise piece of measurement equipment, and they have done a fantastic job ruggedizing it for coffee applications.  That said, by putting it in the drain tray there is a lot more coffee gunk and water that can come into contact with your scale.  We have done our best to design the kit in such a way that the water quickly drains away and contaminants are kept out of the works, but you still need to take care of your scale.  It is not recommended to douse your scale with hot water or let it become dirty with coffee goo.  We take no responsibility for the impact to the life of your scale if you use this kit.

Pantechnicon GS3 Drain Tray Kit for Acaia Lunar Scale
Pantechnicon Acaia Lunar Scale Kit