Magnets Save The Day: The Linea Mini Cup Tray

We use magnets for our cup rails here- they make installation quick and easy- but they’re useful for all kinds of things, including an issue a few of our customers have asked us about: the cup tray on their Linea Mini rattles.

The clearance underneath the tray is a very specific height, but it turns out you really can find anything on the internet.

This magnet is .3125” (7.9375mm long, for those of you using the metric system) that’s just the right size to stick your cup tray to your machine and keep it from moving around. Just place 2 - 4 magnets under the lowest part of the grid and presto, problem solved!

Worth mentioning: The smallest number you can purchase is 10. Those extra magnets work great on a refrigerator or a message board. Plus you can entertain yourself on a website dedicated entirely to magnets, which we think is just great.