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Dialing In: A chef tries out the Rancilio Silvia Pro-X: Heartwood Edition

There is always a learning curve with new things- when I first started cooking professionally, I was thrown into a busy East Village restaurant and was forced to figure out how to stay afloat. I drank a lot of coffee then- mostly bad coffee from neighborhood bodegas, and some good coffee from bakeries, and then Zack showed me how to use the espresso machine. 

I think it was an old Rancilio Classe, but only one of the sides worked, so during brunch service that little machine got a beating. But Zack showed me how to grind directly...

Episode 1. - Color

Episode 1. - Color

After more than 7 years in business, creating hundreds of custom espresso machines, and making thousands of custom accessories, we have learned a few things!  We will be sharing some of what we have learned here on the “How to customize an espresso machine” blog.

Episode 1. - Color

You decided to make the jump.  You reviewed all the specs, the price, and the features.  You made a spreadsheet.  You created google alerts.  You lie in bed at night, and with your eyes closed you can see it already sitting on your kitchen counter.  But, you are sleeping restlessly.

After a few...