Closing the Loop

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Our Role

Pantechnicon Design is based in the great Pacific Northwest, where we are lucky to be surrounded by natural beauty everywhere we look. The Olympic and Cascade mountains, the Puget Sound, and even an old growth forest just a few minutes away from our headquarters in South Seattle. Being a part of this environment means helping to care for it, and here are a few ways we keep sustainability at the forefront of our business.

Sourcing Responsibly

We work to ensure that our materials are ethically sourced, don't rely on exploitative labor practices, or negatively impact the environment. That's why all the hardwood used for Pantechnicon products is grown and milled in the USA, and FSC certified.
"saplings ready to plant"

Working Responsibly

We are committed to our environment, and one way that we show that is by making quality machines that last a lifetime, meaning less waste in our landfills and fewer materials consumed. We perform all of our design and fabrication here, and if there’s a method or process we need to achieve our goals, we make the tools ourselves.
We also recycle our wood waste, which is processed into an alternative fuel that is used in biomass power operations, reducing the demand for non-renewable fossil fuels like oil or natural gas and diverting wood waste from the landfill. Our scrap metal is also recycled and turned into new material for construction or other projects. 

Our Community

Sustainability is an important part of our mission, and we are proud that our business partners share that vision. Another piece of our plan is contributing to the One Tree Planted campaign, a non-profit environmental charity dedicated to global reforestation.
Every sale placed on our website means that a new tree gets planted (we really like trees) in a place that needs it the most, whether it's areas that have been hit with forest fires, or places where illegal harvesting is occurring at an alarming rate. We put a logo on the page, just to remind you that you're helping reforest the world.
"One Tree Planted Logo"
We also work with local producers and makers as much as possible, because supporting small businesses is a part of building community (also the coffee is pretty delicious around here).