How to Maintain Your Espresso Machine: the Basket and Portafilter

This cleaning process is already part of your work flow as you pull espresso, but we’ll still cover it. 

Before every shot, it’s a good idea to run the group head with the portafilter installed, and then dry the basket well, to clean it of any coffee bits that may be lingering from your last shot. You can always check by holding it up to the light and looking for any debris. A dry basket is also a way to ensure even saturation of your coffee grounds when you pull your shot. 

After you’ve made your shot, always knock the puck out! Otherwise the coffee grounds and oils get cooked onto your basket and screen, which can affect the taste of your next shot.

Run a little water through the group head, which clears anything from the shower screen, and do a quick rinse of the basket. 

Every week or two you can soak the portafilter head and basket in a little Cafiza or Purocaf bath for a few minutes to remove any oils or grounds that might be hiding where you can’t see them - this is especially true for anyone using a spouted portafilter. These cleaners are specially formulated to break down coffee oils and are far more effective than regular dish soap. 

Your portafilter handle shouldn't need too much beyond the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth- don't ever place a portafilter handle in a dishwasher! For more detailed information on care of wooden surfaces, check here