la marzocco portafilter handle in walnut
la marzocco portafilter handle in maple
la marzocco portafilter handle in oak
walnut portafilter on double spout pesado
maple portafilter handle on pesado double spout
oak portafilter handle with pesado double spout
layout of pesado double spout with walnut la marzocco handle
overhead view of installed maple custom set on linea mini
bottomless portafilter with la marzocco custom handle in walnut
bottomless portafilter for la marzocco with oak handle
bottomless portafilter for la marzocco with maple handle

Pantechnicon Wood Portafilter Handle for La Marzocco

Wood Portafilter Handle

58mm Stainless Steel portafilter fits La Marzocco, E61, ECM, Rocket, Sanremo, Slayer, VBM

We machine these handles in house and meticulously hand-finish to ensure that your morning coffee is accompanied by the highest level of craftsmanship.  Over the years, we have developed a multi-stage treatment process to make our products as durable as possible, but like anything made of wood, some care and maintenance is periodically required.  Care instructions are similar for your cutting board and wood handle chef's knives.  Keep them clean and dry, and use some light mineral oil if they need some freshening up. 

Mounts with M12 x 1.75 stainless steel bolt.

Save $$$ when you bundle with a full set!

NOTE: Double spout portafilters ship with PESADO stainless steel portafilter heads.

NOTE: Our wood products are finished with a color-neutral finish that allows the unique natural tone of each piece to come through.  Due to the wide variation in grain and color in a single wood species we can't guarantee a perfect match between parts.



Portafilter Type
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