Jacob Ellul-Blake


Hi, I'm Jacob Ellul-Blake.  I grew up in a log cabin in the forests of western Washington, studied classical music in school, and started working in the coffee industry in 2003.  Soon after, I became fascinated with espresso machines, their design and history, and dreamed of one day designing my own.  Ten years later, I founded Pantechnicon (the house of all the arts and crafts) where I design and build one off and limited production custom espresso machines and accessories.

Our Seattle-based company is saturated with a DIY ethos.  If there is a fabrication process we need in order to achieve a design, we make the tools we need in order to succeed.  We constantly reflect, evaluate, and iterate our work, striving to reach ever higher levels of refinement.  Through this constant attention and focus, we create work that we hope will inspire our clients, that will spark the imagination of their customers, and will bring joy to the ritual of coffee.

Jacob Ellul-Blake works as a prototyping specialist, small team lead, and engineer. In his previous life he was a professional musician, and enjoys robots, bicycles, and running in the woods.

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