square black acaia precision coffee brewing scale

Acaia Lunar Scale

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Acaia Lunar Scale

Precision coffee brewing scale

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Designed for espresso machine drip trays, the Acaia Lunar™ is aesthetically functional for your weighing needs. The espresso scale is built with anodized aluminum. Its electronic parts inside and the LED display with a water-resistant spray to prevent water damage.

With an ultra-fast response time and high accuracy, you'll be able to track consistency across all of your espresso shots.

One heat pad and one 100 g calibration weight are included with each Lunar. The Lunar also includes a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty, which includes water damage.


Model PYXIS AC002 LUNAR AL001 / AL006
Color Black Black / Silver
Dimensions W: 65 mm L: 65 mm H: 13 mm W: 105 mm L: 105 mm H: 15 mm
Product Weight 70 g ± 5 g 265 g ± 5 g
Maximum Capacity 500 g / 17.63 oz 2000 g / 70.55 oz
Minimum Weight 0.01 g 0.1 g
Readability 0.01 g / 0.05 g 0.1 g
Repeatability 0.01 g / 0.05 g 0.1 g
Linearity 1 d / 2 d 1 d


Battery Lithium-ion rechargeable
3.7 V 310 mAh
Lithium-ion rechargeable
3.7 V 1100 mAh
Battery Life Up to 7 hours Up to 27 hours
Power Supply 5 V / 500 mA 5 V / 500 mA


Warranty 1 Year 2 Years

packaging and cord, black precision brewing scale, 100 gram weight, heat mat
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Acaia Lunar Scale
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