pantechnicon steam knob for rancilio in walnut with hex key
3/4 view of rancilio pro x with custom walnut accessories
pantechnicon custom steam knob for rancilio silvia in maple
rancilio silvia with oak steam knob and oak portafilter handle

Rancilio Silvia Wood Steam Knob

Rancilio Silvia Wood Steam Knob

We are pleased to bring you hardwood steam knobs that fit Silvia, Silvia Pro, and Silvia Pro X machines!  We manufacture all the handles right here in Seattle, USA. Pick from the Silvia wood steam knob and material options.  All grown, harvested, and milled in the US, the walnut, white oak, and maple will bring a touch of class to your morning coffee.  We hand finish to a beautiful semi-gloss lustre, without any stain so you can enjoy the nuance of the natural wood grain.  The factory steam knob is retained with a little spring steel clip that can fail over time, so we make a strong bolted connection to ensure the knob lasts the life of your Silvia.

Fits Rancilio Silvia, Silvia Pro, and Silvia ProX espresso machine models that use the 10060186 steam knob.

NOTE: Our wood products are finished with a color-neutral finish that allows the wood's natural tone to come through.  Due to the wide variation in grain and color in a single wood species we can't guarantee a perfect match between parts.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Unplug machine. De-pressurize steam tank. Make sure you machine is cool so you don’t accidentally burn yourself.  Hot metal looks like cold metal! Remove water tank and top panel by removing phillips screws.

Step 2: Pull off stock steam knob.  The valve shaft where the knob connects is “D” shaped.

Step 3: Using stock steam knob, rotate steam valve shaft so that the flat part of the “D” is pointing up.

Step 4: Install new steam knob, making sure set screw is contacting flat on shaft. Tighten with supplied 3mm allen wrench.

Step 5: Re-assemble top cover and water tank, making sure that the water level sensor hose (the one with the white plastic cylinder at the end)is securely attached to the bottom of the tank (if you have a Pro or ProX).

This accessory is manufactured by us and our partners and is not endorsed or in any way affiliated with Rancilio USA or the Rancilio Group.

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